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Dongguan Guike Electronics Co., Ltd. Founded in 2002, it is located in the gorgeous industrial zone of Dalang Town, Dongguan City, with convenient transportation. There are more than 300 employees, including 3 senior engineers and 10 engineers. With an annual output of 1.5 billion capacitors, it is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

As a professional manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, our company adheres to the corporate philosophy of “maintaining first-class management, producing first-class products and providing first-class services”, which enables the company to develop steadily. The company's products are "HD" brand aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which are mainly developed, designed, manufactured and sold. Continuously improve and improve the company's management level, continuously improve technology and introduce advanced equipment.
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor has larger capacitor, larger series resistance, larger inductance and temperature sensitivity. It is suitable for the occasion of little temperature change and low work……
The capacitance of an electrolytic capacitor depends on the impedance presented when it operates at ……
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is a polar capacitor. Its positive plate is anodized by aluminium fo……
An electrolytic capacitor is a kind of capacitor. The metal foil is a positive electrode (aluminum o……
The structure of the two is similar, but the effect is completely different. The primary battery con……

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